Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deep Moisture Nourishing Shower Gel

Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Shower Gel

It has been awhile since I had the chance to participate in the after-work activity organized by the Dove Company. This is a brand I've always loved and liked who happened to be my first beauty product. I remember when I was small, there was always Dove products in my parents bathroom, especially the shower gel and body wash.

So when I discovered their new products, I was really very happy. I will now present one. It's been several days that I have tested this shower gel - Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture.

What I Like About this Shower Gel

The smell - I must say that I'm a fan of all the products that has the smell of coconut, and this one smells really good. It is also combined with the smell of jasmine, it smells really good! It really makes you want to spend more time in the shower to give pleasure to your skin.

Hydration - Thank you to the Nutrium ingredient combine with glycerin moisturizers and nourishing lipids, the skin feels very soft after your shower. The skin feels moisturize even if you are out of the shower. It does bring a good feeling of comfort even after showering.

The price of the shower gel – Sometimes, I have difficulty spending money when I buy a bottle of shower gel, but this one is an exception. I found the price of the shower gel very fair for the quality that I found in this product. It can be found in supermarkets for around € 3.

The Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Shower gel is a very good brand for promoting a healthful skin, as often recommended by different dermatologists. It is known for its revitalizing and moisturizing properties. With regular use of this shower gel, you will find out that it will not only cleanse your skin but will care for your skin and develops a creamy, smooth stroke that leaves your skin perfectly hydrated.

Choosing a Moisturizing Shower Gel for the Body

After a hard and long day at the office, taking a shower or bath is a way to balance our health and also our physical well being. To make your shower more enjoyable, choose the best shower gels according to your skin type.

To moisturize and bathe your body, go for a shower gel made from lavender. It is more effective to nourish the skin, thanks to the natural moisturizers that is in it. Its creamy texture will then soften the skin and make it healthier. The shower gel is designed for oily skin and will wash away the dirt and pollution absorbed by your body. Moisturizing shower gel made from lavender scent provides a pleasant and healthy skin. With this, you will not need to apply a cream after bathing.

Choose the Right Shower Gel

Sensitive skins also need special care and attention. Therefore, a special shower gel which uses light products and ingredients to prevent the risk of allergy is appropriate. So, prefer shower gels sold in pharmacies and make sure to read the labels of recommendations. You must choose a shower gel as natural as possible, that is - without dye, synthetic scents and chemical free. Its texture should be very gentle so as not to cause skin infection.

So, what shower gels are good for cleansing and moisturizing the skin? Use an exfoliating shower gels. The shower gel used in spa centers is very effective and a good example in unclogging the pores of the skin. This type of gel has two advantages - you get a full body scrub but not resorting to chemical beauty products as well. With its characteristics, micro bead penetrates deeply right away. You no longer need to massage or rub the body. By removing toxins and other impurities, it purifies the skin and prevents black heads and white heads.

And finally, if you prefer natural shower gel choose only a pH-neutral body wash soap or a soap Surgras or Aleppo. They both have relaxing properties that moisturizes and nourish dry skins. By purifying sensitive areas, it allows easy removal of dead cells. Feel free to add to your bath shower gel a few drops of essential oil if you want to have a natural scent. For effective results, put some moisturizing cream after bathing. You'll find that your skin will be toned, cleansed and hydrated. In short, to enjoy a pleasant moment in the shower while cleansing your body, choose shower gels suitable for your type of skin.